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my axiom opinion

discovery project

17 December
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life for me includes music, friends and personal improvement/discovery.

i have been playing piano since i was 4 years old. i played by ear, learning songs through listening until the age of 7 when i began to take formal classical lessons. all the while i continued to play by ear, more so then from music. i composed my first piece of music at the age of 9. at the age of 12 i expanded my piano experience by beginning to play jazz. it was also at that time that i began to play both percussion and guitar. at the age of 14 i personally recorded a full cd of original piano solos, later becomming my completed "Intro To Me" project that was never released. when i was 16 i began to write original songs for piano and voice. i compiled these works into a project that i would release in December of 2003 called "In Love With Love". it was a personal success selling and distributing over 150 copies. entering my senior year i picked up yet another instrument: the upright bass. i also enjoy playing my electric bass. in the most recent years i have advanced my composing and turned my performance focus towards jazz. i have great interest in the genre and have musically immersed myself in the culture, technique and soul. i am excited to be attending the crane school of music at suny potsdam to begin my studies in the major of music education and the major of music performance.

i have several other hobbies such as art photography, videography, and poetry.

i owe a great deal of my hapiness to all of my friends. if i am not on a musical instrument or working on self improvement, i am spending my time with some of the greatest people i have come to know. many memories and much inspiration. thank you.

my ultimate goal is to truly discover myself. i have learned many lessons and become more in tune with who i am. i feel full of interpretations and ideas. it is my belief that i can better understand my beliefs if i can write them out, share them, and recieve insight from others. thus this journal full of personal opinion and views. please comment. this is just as much a forum as it is a journal. thank you for your interest.

for my music, photogrpahy, videos, poetry and more go to my website: www.brickmanonline.com